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Turnkey Solution

Ask us about our Turnkey Solutions! 

This is a "no upfront cost" option! All facets of the lab setup ad management are included. It is simply a 'cost per specimen' program we offer.

Laboratory Setup & Management

Starting a laboratory can be a long, arduous process. Between federal and state regulations and logistics, it can seem overwhelming. Heritage Lab Services takes the guess work out of starting and maintaining a clinical laboratory.

Physician Office


Healthcare is an ever-changing field. With insurance companies making it harder and harder to collect, ancillary revenue streams become more important to make an office profitable. Heritage Lab Services is able to help capture a portion of the revenue in-office

Starting a laboratory can be very overwhelming. There are obstacles to jump through and logistics to straighten out. One wrong move or missing detail can delay your startup for months. Rely on experts who have a large range of experience; from constructing a full reference laboratory from the ground up to assisting Physician Offices with their own in-office laboratory. We are able to customize our services to your laboratory needs! We have built a strong network around us, so were able to answer all of your questions and get your lab up and running efficiently and stress-free. We have become successful because of our restless concern and passion to take care of our clients. 

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