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Heritage Lab Services can provide either screening, confirmatory or both portions of urine drug testing on a cost per test basis. All facets of laboratory setup and management are included all in one cost per test run through your instruments. This setup allows a startup laboratory to begin testing with no upfront cost!  Contact us for a quote for your laboratory needs!

Start-Up Process:

1. We will assess your business plan, address costs and create a laboratory build-out plan

2. We will begin creating test menus, choosing equipment, software and supplies specifically to your office's needs. 

3. We will submit the applications for CLIA certificate and State license(s).

4. We will recruit the necessary personnel to help your lab to run efficiently.

5. Our experts will assist in writing Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), method development, validation of equipment and            train staff on how to properly run specimens. 

6. Assist and ensure passing of initial and reoccurring inspections.

7. We offer our continued support throughout the life of your laboratory.

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